Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Puppets made from kelp balls found on the beach

Amuse and Muse on creativity with kelp.

Green Growth from the Cone

Near the Diablo Nuclear Reactor, life insists on itself, despite the PG&E cone covering the ground. 3/15/10

Census--Person Number One!

Last night I asked my husband to fill in the form, but, of course, I wanted to see it...

He became Person Number 1,
placed me as Person Number 2,
thinks we should answer the phone
using our new identities.

In ten years I'll become
Person Number 1,
put him in his place.

PG&E Trail at Montana De Oro

PG&E Trail at Montana De Oro 3/15/10 Today there were cows on the trails. There had been a birth.

Sometimes there are goats on the hills, but they were clearing near the nuclear plant. They are guarded from mountain lions by Akbash dogs, huge white animals with strong mouths. They don't herd the goats, just protect them. Only the goatherd can handle them, take them to vet visits.

California poppies and cows dot the ocean trail,
They are calving, a bit edgy, a man told me.
Ahead a nursing female stares, dares me to near.
Apologetic, I pause, my Pamplona moment.
Two women talking, pass, barrel right through,
don’t even drag their capes behind them.

Sunday, March 14, 2010